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Our Location - Just 15 Miles from the Sandhill Crane Capital of the World!

We are located in the heart of south-central Nebraska. Kearney, Nebraska, is just 15 miles away and is the SANDHILL CRANE CAPITAL of the world! If you are a true birder, you won't want to miss the annual Sandhill Crane Spring Migration. Thousands of Sandhill cranes visit Nebraska's Platte River Valley to feed in corn fields and roost in the Platte River. You will be only a short drive from Audubon's Rowe Sanctuary, a must see for Sandhill Crane Viewing. Kearney has many hotels, restaurants, events, and attractions. Add a Sandhill Crane experience to your Prairie Chicken tour while you are in Kearney!

Pair Our Tour with the Sandhill Cranes for a Bucket List Trip!

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