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Prairie Chicken Birding Tours in Kearney, Nebraska

Welcome to Prairie Wind Birding Tours, the premier destination for Prairie Chicken viewing in Kearney, Nebraska. Founded by Kent and Robyn Hubbert, we are dedicated to providing a bucket list bird-watching experience. Born from a passion shared with the Rowe Sanctuary and other birding enthusiasts, our tours are a testament to our love for nature and our commitment to sharing this unique experience with others. Read more below on what to expect and why this is a must-see while in Kearney, Nebraska!

prairie chicken dance in kearney nebraska
prairie chicken tours in kearney nebraska

Your Bucket List Birding Adventure in Kearney

With two blinds accommodating up to 15 guests daily, we're here to elevate your bird-watching experience. While online reservations offer convenience, we look forward to talking to you personally to address any questions or concerns you might have about accessibility. Nestled in a secluded pasture, our lek provides a safe haven for wildlife. The land, in our family for over a century, has been a dance stage for Prairie Chickens for at least 25 years. Here, you're not just a guest; you're part of a legacy of conservation and appreciation for Nebraska's natural heritage.

What to Expect on Your Tour

Start Your Day with Nature:

  • Tours begin 90 minutes before sunrise at our home, followed by a short, scenic drive to the blind.

Comfort and Convenience:

  • Our blinds offer adjustable seating and ample space for photography equipment, ensuring a comfortable and rewarding experience.

A Biodiverse Ecosystem:

  • In addition to Prairie Chickens, you may spot prairie dogs, hawks, bald eagles, pheasants, and deer.

Post-Tour Hospitality:

  • After your tour, join us back at our home for restrooms, coffee and rolls and the opportunity to share your experiences.

Why Choose Prairie Wind Birding Tours?

Large Lek Viewing

Previous guests have witnessed a vibrant display of 19 to 35 birds.


Our location is just a short drive from Kearney, the Sandhill Crane Capital of the world.

Personalized Experience

Small group settings for an intimate encounter.


We accommodate various photography equipment for the perfect shot.

Passionate Hosts

Dedicated to your comfort and an exceptional viewing experience.

Flexible Scheduling

Offering both weekday and weekend tours.


Our Bird Tours Journey

Our journey began modestly with a single-blind and a vision to offer the best birding experience. Quickly, we became a favored choice for birders, hosting enthusiasts from three countries and at least ten states in our first year. Guests are treated to the captivating display of up to 35 Prairie Chickens during peak mating season, with some birds dancing right on our blinds.

Utilizing game cameras, we've meticulously documented the birds' seasonal activities, ensuring our tours align perfectly with their natural behavior. Our morning tours offer a consistent and spectacular display that will truly provide you with a bucket list birding experience.

Pair Our Tour with the Sandhill Cranes for a Bucket List Trip!

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