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Welcome to Prairie Wind Birding Tours.   

We are a new Prairie Chicken viewing company that was created in the spring of 2023 by my husband and I, Kent and Robyn Hubbert.  The idea for this adventure was born when contacts at Rowe Sanctuary as well as other Prairie Chicken viewing entities expressed the need for more viewing leks.  As a retired educator and a semi-retired farmer we felt the desire to share this resource with others as a "second act" business. 


We started our 2023 viewing season late with one blind, little advertising, and a desire to provide the best viewing experience possible.  Our goal for our first year was to learn from our birding guests.  Despite our late start we hosted over 40 birders from three countries and at least 10 states.  Birders and photographers alike, were delighted with their experiences.  Each day our viewers experienced the sights and sounds of at least 19 birds performing a few feet from the blind.  During the peak mating season our guests saw as many as 35 birds.  Several mornings guests were treated to birds landing on the blind to dance.   

With the use of game cameras we documented the activity on the lek this spring.  Birds began arriving for the season in late February and continued to come until mid May.   The birds also visited the lek in the evening and late afternoon.  However their arrival times vary too much for us to offer afternoon tours. 

Now we are ready to take our business to the next level.  We have 2 blinds that can accommodate up to 15 guests daily and the convenience of on-line reservations.  Even though we hope to increase our guest numbers significantly in the future we still look forward to talking to you personally about your booking so that we can address any questions or concerns you might have in advance.  Please feel free to Contact Us.  While we are not ADA compliant we have done everything possible to make this a great experience for someone with limited mobility.  

Our lek is tucked into a pasture far away from public roads and people who might otherwise disturb the birds.  The land has been in our family for over 100 years.  The Chickens have been coming to this lek to dance for at least the last 25 years.   Because we know that we have been entrusted with a valuable natural resource our goal is to provide guests with a great experience while protecting the birds.  In addition to Prairie Chickens you may see prairie dogs, hawks, bald eagles, pheasant, and deer as you sit in the blind and on the trip back from the blind. 

Your tour will begin 90 minutes before sunrise at our home which is a 5 minute drive from the blind.  We will provide restrooms and quickly cover blind etiquette and sign Nebraska Agritourism liability waivers before departing for the blind.  You will enjoy the Nebraska pre-dawn colors as you wait for the birds to arrive.  Birds may arrive as much as 45 minutes before sunrise.  The blinds provide comfortable seating in padded chairs that move and adjust in height for great viewing.  Shelving in front of the blind windows makes a great place for setting up camera equipment.  We allow plenty of room for tripods and almost any photography equipment imaginable.  Blind time is generally 2 to 3 hours. At the conclusion you will come back to our home for access to a restroom, coffee and rolls, and conversation about your morning. 

What do we offer that makes us a great choice for your viewing experience:

A large lek (19 - 35 birds)

A short drive to the blind

Great adjustable seating 

An intimate smaller setting

Room for photography equipment

Located 15 miles from Kearney, the SANDHILL CRANE CAPITAL of the world.  

Hosts who care very much about your comfort and viewing experience. 

Weekday and weekend tours.

Please feel free to check out our Calendar.



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